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Addressing the administrative challenges faced by the healthcare industry

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Provides complete end-to-end RCM tools and services

The New England Healthcare Exchange Network (NEHEN) is a membership-based consortium of regional health plans/payers and provider organizations that provides complete end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) tools and services to reduce administrative costs and improve healthcare delivery.

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NEHEN has changed the way healthcare is accessed

NEHEN supports administrative transaction exchange services and innovative solutions that help improve healthcare quality, safety, and efficiency. Since 1998, NEHEN’s technology and services have been a positive influencer for our members and the region.

Address the challenges faced by the healthcare industry

NEHEN offers its members technology and professional services

NEHEN is a collaborative, payer- and provider-directed solution

NEHEN is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization powered by TriZetto Provider Solutions (TPS), offering best-in-class services to healthcare organizations in New England region for a single, low membership rate.

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The primary success factor for NEHEN has been

A collaboration between health plans and providers

The members of NEHEN believe that providing EDI (electronic data interchange) capabilities to their exchange partners represents an opportunity to improve administration for the entire health care community.

As a result, intellectual property and best practices created by or for NEHEN are shared among the members. Also, if a member individually develops a solution that might benefit the group, that solution is often donated to NEHEN for the benefit of all. Collaboration has enabled the members to share costs, leverage experience gained by other participants, and accelerate the benefits of administrative simplification and advanced EDI services.

This collaboration makes NEHEN different from a typically competitive environment. Its features and benefits are designed to be balanced in their value to payers and providers alike.